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Katie B. Edwards is an author and broadcaster from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. 

She has a first class degree and a PhD in Biblical Studies from the University of Sheffield, where she also worked as an academic from 2012-2020, teaching and researching the role of religion in contemporary culture. 

She continues her academic interests as a Visiting Research Fellow at The University of Chester 2021-2024.

Katie has written widely for the press, and her work has featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Conversation, The Washington Post and Newsweek.


Her radio credits include the award-winning and critically acclaimed 2018 Lent Talk ‘Silence of the Lamb’, which Katie wrote and presented.


She has also presented several episodes of Beyond Belief, a long-running series exploring the place and nature of faith in today's world, and the ‘Yorkshire Poets’ episode of Tongue and Talk, both on BBC Radio 4.

Katie co-hosts the Noirthern podcast, produced by Trace Productions. 


Katie is represented by Jon Wood at Rogers, Coleridge and White Literary Agency.



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Why James Bond being called ‘basically a rapist’ is more important than you think

The Independent, 26 September 2021

We should pay close attention to the many incarnations of the British spy: the character is a mirror that reflects back our cultural mores

Wearing denim will not solve the problem of injection spiking in nightclubs

The Independent, 20 October 2021

Women are still being told to amend their behaviour to ‘avoid’ and ‘prevent’ assaults. It’s time for a radical cultural overhaul

Irritable Vowels

January 20, 2019

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BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief

Episodes presented by Katie Edwards

Dr Katie Edwards looks at the way different religions have embraced the digital world during lockdown from Covid-19.

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BBC Radio 4 Tongue and Talk

The Yorkshire Poets

Episode presented by Katie Edwards

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Katie Edwards Receives Broadcasting Award

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BBC Radio 4 Lent Talks 2018

The Silence of the Lamb

Written and presented by Katie Edwards


Grammar Pedantry and Accent Prejudice

Lexis Podcast

 Jacky, Dan, Lisa and Matthew talk to Dr Katie Edwards about grammar pedantry, accent shaming and why ‘grammar nazis’ need to get a life (and a new name). Warning: this episode contains some explicit language!


Radio 4 Broadcasting House



#SheToo Podcast Series

The Bible Society

Award-winning podcast series produced by Rosie Dawson.

The story of Hagar is the most well-known of the passages under consideration in this series. Hagar is the slave of Abraham and Sarah who is required to bear Abraham a son, Ishmael, as a solution to the couple’s childlessness. Usually this story is read as part of the wider story about how Abraham came to be the father of two nations, through his sons Isaac and Ishmael. Here Dr Katie Edwards seeks to read the story from the perspective of Hagar.

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BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief

Religion in Soap Operas

Katie Edwards Panellist

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Noirthern Podcast

July 12, 2025

Katie co-hosts the crime fiction podcast, Noirthern.


Katie B. Edwards


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