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The trolling of Katie Price shows attitudes to working class women are still stuck in the 1980s

The Independent, 25 January 2021


Comparing Trump to Jesus? Get real

The Independent, 19 January 2021

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How the Media Treatment of Katie Price Reflects Hatred of Working-class Women

Medium, 19 January 2021

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Is There Room for the Virgin Mary in a 21st Century Christmas?

The Independent, 6 December 2020


I don’t know if Adele is guilty of cultural appropriation. But as a white woman, it's not my place to judge

The Independent, 2 September 2020

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Trump's brandishing of the Bible plays into a cultural legacy of racism and colonialism

The Independent, 20 June 2020

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That lockdown weight gain meme isn’t the hilarious joke you first thought

The Independent, 11 May 2020

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Gerraway with accentism – I’m proud to speak Yorkshire

The Guardian, 10 June 2019


Alexander Zverev is right: a Yorkshire accent is a splendid thing, no matter what the anti-Northern bigots say 

The Telegraph, 31 May 2018 

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Celebrity Big Brother should take responsibility for dropping the ball on domestic violence, not Roxanne Pallett

The Independent, 3 September 2018


I was taught silence was strength. Then I witnessed sexual assaults

The Guardian, 21 March 2018 


Last night's Love Island proves that nobody is safe from emotional manipulation

The Telegraph, 21 June 2018

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How Beyoncé’s Virgin Mary imagery challenges racist, religious and sexual stereotypes

The Washington Post, 17 July 2017


The Bible’s women are a lot more powerful and complex than we’ve been led to believe

The Independent, 05 April 2016

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Shut yer face! I'm fed up being ridiculed for my regional accent in academia

The Telegraph, 9 December 2014