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Archive of press pieces written by Katie Edwards

Articles published in The Guardian, The New StatesmanThe Independent, The i NewspaperThe Telegraph, The Washington Post, and Medium

Meghan Markle.JPG

Meghan Markle Told Us We Drove Her To The Brink, We Can't Afford To Ignore Her

The i Paper, 10 January 2023

We keep tearing down women in life only to reconstruct them as popular cultural saints in death - all while learning nothing from it

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battle royal.jpg

Harry’s painful row with Prince William shows how unremarkable the Royals truly are

The i Paper, 5 January 2023

Details of the explosive fallout are picking off the diamond-encrusted protective veneer of the monarchy stone by precious stone

The Windors.jpg

The Windsors? More like The Jeremy Kyle Show

The Independent, 5 January 2023

It’s the mundanity of the incident that’s so shocking – aren’t the royals, especially the heir to the throne, supposed to be beyond this?


A montage of misogyny: 2022 was a year for women to forget

The i Paper, 4 January 2023

2022 was a sh*tshow of misogyny, performed publicly so that women can be reminded of our place

Christmas 2022.jpg

Can you believe what the woke brigade want to do with Christmas

The Independent, 25 December 2022

All these snivelling snowflakes trying to sully tradition and language with their right on identity politics. Now they're coming for Christmas. Well, not this year. Not on my watch.

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Louise Thompson (2).jpg

Is Louise Thompson's warts and all honesty about her health what we really want from celebrities?

The Independent, 15 December 2022

What happens when sharing on social media doesn't get the reaction you hope for?

Jacob Rees Mogg Abortion.jpeg

Rees-Mogg is worse than a Halloween Victorian ghoul and this is why

The Independent, 30 November 2022

The MP for North East Somerset's archaic views make him a threat to women

Census 2021 Online.jpg

Christianity in the UK is in decline but its influence is not – and that’s a real problem

The i Paper, 29 November 2022

​The 2021 census suggests that Christianity is no longer the majority religion in England and Wales

Helena BC Indy.jpeg

Helena Bonham Carter has fallen into a familiar trap over Johnny Depp

The Independent, 29 November 2022

For me at least, her cultural commentary is far less sparkling than her acting career

Elon Musk.jpg

Finally, Elon Musk has said something we can all agree with

The Independent, 25 November 2022

This week, his email to staff containing six tips for productivity resurfaced – and it wasn’t complete trash

World Cup Pundit.jpeg

No room for politics in sport? With the greatest respect, my friends – that’s absolute garbage

The Independent, 24 November 2022

If the tournament has to be in Qatar, then I’d rather see some pushback rather than meek silence in the face of the threat of a yellow card

Johnny Depp Fenty.jpg

Rihanna’s casting of Johnny Depp in the Savage X Fenty show is a bizarre joke on us all

The Independent, 09 November 2022

What kind of statement does the casting of Depp make for a brand that’s supposed to be all about the celebration of women, inclusivity and diversity?

Johnny Depp Fenty i News.jpg

Johnny Depp's Fenty revival is further proof that cancel culture benefits rich white blokes

The i Newspaper, 6 November 2022

I think it's an unusually distasteful step by Rihanna. In fact, I think it stinks

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EasyJet Cost of Living Image.jpg

Rejoice! EasyJet has solved the cost of living crisis

The Independent, 28 October 2022

For the few privileged souls who can take 28 consecutive days off work in one go, don’t have any caring responsibilities and can afford to give the best part of a grand in disposable income to the budget airline, that is

Helena B-C.jpg

Oh dear, Helena Bonham Carter – internalised misogyny is never a good look

The i newspaper, 28 November 2022

The actress reckons Amber Heard jumped on the ‘bandwagon’ of #MeToo


Are William and Harry the Best of Friends Again? Don’t Overthink It

The Independent, 11 September 2022


Quiet Quitting Isn’t New, Some Men Have Been Doing It For Decades

In academia, I noticed how many blokes got away with doing the career-boosting, profile raising bits of the job, while leaving the less glam, the less rewarded parts to others

The Independent, 31 August 2022


Betting on who Kim Kardashian will date next? You might be underestimating her

Serial heterosexual monogamy, with the ultimate traditional institution of marriage, is part of the Kardashians’ arsenal to ensure that their threat is minimised while they continue to take over the world

The Independent, 22 August 2022

WAGs and BAPs.jpg

What's missing from Euros 2022? Intimate details of the boyfriends and partners

The i Newspaper (online), 30 July 2022

We've had WAGs, so where are the BAPs?


Changes in Vatican Not Fast Enough 

Religion Comment 

The i Paper (print), 18 July 2022


What Does Coverage of the Lionesses Lack? Classist Judgement of Their Partners

Where Are The Grainy Pap Snaps of Boyfriends Poolside in Budgie Smugglers? 

The i Newspaper (Print), 30 July 2022

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If the Pope wants gender equality in the Vatican he’s going to have to make radical changes – and fast

Small Structural Changes May Not Be Enough 

The i Paper (online), 17 July 2022

New Statesman.JPG

My experience of Rotherham shows the real problem isn’t brown men, it’s how we treat working-class girls

The New Statesman, 27 June 2022

Stop dog-whistling about Pakistani men on the pretext of caring about poor schoolgirls.

Roe vs Wade i print version.JPG

The Bible is Being Weaponised in Abortion Struggle

The i Paper (print), 28 June 2022

It's Not Accurate To Say That God Is 'Pro-life' Or 'Anti-abortion'

Roe vs Wade.jpg

Republicans Should Be Careful: The Bible Has Precious Little To Say About Abortion

The i Paper (online), 28 June 2022

As an academic specialising i the Bible in contemporary culture, I was puzzled - and troubled - to see the biblical text employed to support anti-abortion laws and rhetoric


Roe Overturned Isn’t a Victory For Life - It Spells Death For Women

Our lives and health are collateral damage. Unnecessary maternal mortality seems to be the order of the day in the US Supreme Court 

The Independent, 24 June 2022

Amber Heard Piece 17 June.jpg

How Can Heard 'Move On' When the Hatred Continues?

The i Paper, 17 June 2022 (Print)

Is the Vilification of One Woman Striking a Blow for Male Victims?

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Amber Heard Hug.jpg

Amber Heard has shown astonishing fortitude and she won’t be silenced

The i Paper, 15 June 2022

This week, NBC broadcast Heard’s first interview since the trial verdict

My View Photo.jpg

The Depp v Heard Ducking Stool

i Newspaper, 3 June 2022 (Print)

Verdicts Showed in Real Time What Happens When Women Speak Out

DeppvsHeard iNews.jpg

Johnny Depp’s victory in the Amber Heard trial is a loss for domestic violence victims everywhere

i, 2 June 2022

Who would want to report intimate partner violence knowing what we now know about the treatment of Heard before a verdict was even reached?

Heard Hatred.JPG

Why does the internet hate Amber Heard more than Putin?

The Independent, 27 May 2022

War criminals guilty of atrocities don’t get as much vitriol as she does

Depp vs Heard Mirror Print.JPG


The i Newspaper, 18 May 2022

This trial illuminates our darkest attitudes towards women

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Jordan Peterson’s tweet about ‘authoritarian tolerance’ was a huge self-own

The Independent, 17 May 2022

The notorious right-wing internet celeb and academic is now the arbiter of women’s beauty, apparently

Depp vs Heard Mirror.JPG

Depp vs Heard is holding a mirror up to society – and the reflection isn't pretty

The i Newspaper, 17 May 2022

This trial illuminates our darkest attitudes to women, particularly those who allege domestic and sexual abuse against men


Will Everyone Please Stop Talking About Peter Andre’s Penis

The Independent, 11 May 2022

Why are we still perpetuating this noxious, sexist idea that the size of a man’s penis bears any relation to their perceived masculinity?


The ‘Wagatha Christie’ Trial Has Started and It’s Already Screamingly Sexist

The Independent, 10 May 2022

The ‘WAG’ label, referring to the wives and girlfriends of famous sportsmen, erases women’s identity beyond that of their male romantic partner


What Have We Learnt From #MeToo? Depp vs Heard Holds the Answer

The Independent, 8 May 2022

#MeToo was supposed to herald a new age with increased understanding of the dynamics of abusive relationships and the maltreatment of survivors of sexual violence


No Matter Who Wins the Depp vs Heard Trial, the Biggest Losers Are V